Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Right now we speak to you from the Roadhouse at the base of Mount Fuji. What a day! We've technically been alert and moving for about 30 hours now and are now just winding the evening down with double-tall Jack & Cokes. Our equipment is lazily lying about the stage for tomorrow night and 28 Days Later is playing on every TV. We're the only ones here save for a few Marines and the bar tender. Dad, he says we should be able to get your request at the PX. So look forward to your ribbons and stuff! We shudder to think what you may have gotten up to when you were here last. Some slot machines have come up winners and the winnings are fueling the evening nicely.

They've put us up in the kickin' Mountain View Inn, where we each have our own room and have had a shower each to clean the 15 hour trans-pacific funk away. Driving from the airport through Tokyo and to the base of Mount Fuji has been a most surreal experience. The mountain literally dominates the skyline and any picture we've seen of it before can't compare to the way it towers over our heads. The air is crisp, cold and fresh.

We set out to the SNACK BAR SEXY located off base for a few nightcaps. What, you thought we'd be good little boys and sleep? PLEASE!

The room was small, and the karaoke was intense. Matt could barely sit on the stool without his knees hitting him the face. The only ladies were those behind the bar, and they treated us very well. We picked up a little Japanese, but can't seem to remember this morning just what we learned.
We do remember one thing however: We love it here.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The day started with much promise. The crew assembled at 8:30 as planned at F&H Headquarters and we headed down to BWI. Our flight was scheduled to depart for Detroit at 12:33pm, and to play it safe we planned to check in and straighten shit out by 9:30.


We missed the flight by an hour. Yes, we check in at 9:30 to find out the flight left an hour before. We catch an ear-full by the lady behind the desk. Who really expects a flight to be bumped four hours ahead of schedule? This does not bode well for Fools & Horses, and the anally detailed mind of Matt's. (This one disregarded detail burns in him like a soldering iron to the butt-cheek on a crisp, February morning)

Rap-atap-tap of the keyboard and we're booked on a Delta flight for Atlanta-Tokyo at 6:30 pm. Aimee, who has graciously sacrificed her Sunday off to get us down here has stuck around and carts us back home. We hit up a Denny's and stew over the morning's delay. We're comforted to know AFE has factored in a couple of days to get us to Tokyo before our first show. We're not at all pleased to still be in town though. We're able to check in at 2pm for the 6:30 flight and vow to do just that. We're not risking anything.


Conveniently, Northwest and Delta have been going through a gradual merger and they seem to speak a different language. The Delta folks are scratching their heads at our paperwork and send us back to Northwest for reissues. A really stoic gentleman (who we think will end up heading the company one day) took charge and got everyone on the same page. We present our baggage to gasps and wide eyes, and it looks like nothing of ours will make it on the plane. A very kind lady with a magic wand
sprinkles some fairy dust on the staff and our baggage is weighed and deemed flight worthy. (This whole time Matt is throwing Jacksons at the curb-side helpers for dealing with our crap. They've seen us twice today).

We're told we could make the Atlanta connection and pay twice the cost for overage in baggage, or go home and take a 05:35 to Atlanta - Tokyo tomorrow. Always suckers for a laugh, we decide to take this option and head home AGAIN. We stop off at the Barn in Carney to celebrate our day's travels with the Hutchison patriarch.

The dry-run was a success. We now know where the airport is, and I think we know where we're heading tomorrow, but we fully expect to be told differently.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Post - T-Minus 5 Days

Welcome to the blog y'all! This thing was looking pretty lonely without a post. Subscribe to the blog to follow any and all changes. We intend to update this religiously (with every faith accounted for) .

Do you know what I'm sad about? I just realized we won't be here for Easter! Do they have the Easter Bunny out East? Is it called a Wester Bunny? No, cause that's just a stupid name Matt.