Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Post - T-Minus 5 Days

Welcome to the blog y'all! This thing was looking pretty lonely without a post. Subscribe to the blog to follow any and all changes. We intend to update this religiously (with every faith accounted for) .

Do you know what I'm sad about? I just realized we won't be here for Easter! Do they have the Easter Bunny out East? Is it called a Wester Bunny? No, cause that's just a stupid name Matt.



  1. Hey guys... I guess you are somewhere over the big blue ocean, or maybe over Albuquerque, having a Jack n' Coke and trying not to smile!!! I want to see it all... so keep us posted with pics. tt xoxo

  2. No easter bunny sorry. But they do have O hanami parties where everyone sits under trees and gets trashed and sings songs! You'll forget every peep you ever microwaved!