Thursday, April 16, 2009


Burned up most of today sleeping. We ALMOST collectively thought to say to hell with it and start the day with the rising sun, but it wasn't to be. Got out of the hotel around 1 to find Tim had rented a car! Learned of the woes of the Cheaters' stay here previously, and thought our own transportation would be a welcome and convenient change from what we've been having. We hauled ass off base to do something cool.

Ate lunch at Ya Mon, a Reggae restaurant and tried everything they suggested; the steamed local catch (yellow-tail tuna) cooked in coconut milk, ribs and a most toxic rum drink (arrgh!). Cruised Rte 1 looking for some water activities and found a nice stretch of beach to lay out on and get some sun. Low tide, but it made for some interesting views of the marine life. Sustained ourselves on Corona and Bud Light and some peanuts well past their sell-by date and watched the sun set at 7. Kent and Steve, always ones for improvised machismo devised a new beach game. We call it cinder catch, or really heavy-ass rock catch. For want of a medicine ball, this just had to do.

Showered and got ready for a night out. However, we stayed in Kent's room and watched the following: South Park, South Park, Reno 911, Daily Show, Colbert Report. It's awesome to be back in US territory! Sad though that we can't spend any YEN or SINGS anymore. Anyone want 'em?


  1. Tim should enter a contest with a pose like that. What kind of contest, I don't know but he should find one... and then enter it.

  2. Why is Matt the only one wearing a SHIRT at the BEACH??! Tryin' to hide that new tattoo, are we???

  3. LOL! Matt, you can't brag about being bronzed if you hid underneath a t-shirt the whole time!

    PS Steve's face in the cinder block pic is priceless!