Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Downpours today. Just when we were thinking about rocking the city we get confronted by a huge storm. The cleaning ladies in the joint have no concept of privacy and will come in the rooms while we’re getting out of the shower, brushing our teeth, etc. They’ll say they’re sorry but will just keep on with what they were doing. I (Matt) brushed my teeth with her beside me restocking the bathroom. Tim, answering the door in the buff thinking it was only us was shocked to find his cleaner coming in to check up on things. Peeping Tammies…

Tried to get a little bit of daytime
Singapore into our bellies, so took a taxi down to Raffles Hotel, the famous one where the Singapore Sling was invented. Standing by the previous argument, Kent’s and mine are better. I’m just sayin’. We weren’t allowed inside the hotel because we looked fresh off the boardwalk of Ocean City. Clearly, these people know something about class.

Listened to our driver’s 80’s hair-metal band on his phone on the way to Changi Airport. He was a great driver and a huge music fan. You couldn’t throw something at this guy that he didn’t like. Jammed our way to the drop-off point and said goodbye to yet another awesome chap. More issues with these rotten MCO’s! They still look at these things as if we printed them off on an inkjet or something. Boarding started as soon as we got there, and were left to suffer with their idea of food.

A couple of quick hops got us to
Guam. Singapore to Manilla took about 3 ½ hours, and Manilla to Guam another 3 ½. No joke about security in the Phillipines. After we transferred from the first flight, we went through 2 security checkpoints all with scanners. Shoes had to come off as well. Twice. And we’re glad they give you the choice of Chicken or Fish. That meant on the second leg you get to try the other. But the reason we chose the one is because we didn’t like the other…oh choices.

Arrived here in
Guam at 3:43 am and were met with all our bags/instruments and some cool ass guys to take us to another Gateway Inn mansion. The sun rises now as we say good morning. Good Morning!

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