Saturday, April 4, 2009


Matt – Because our schedule is so tightly packed and we’re on a new base every day, I’m prone to panic when I wake up in the morning. “Were we being picked up at 8, or 10, or 12!?” I can never remember. Early on in the tour (keep in mind each day feels like a month) Kent learned that waking Tim and I up right before we’re supposed to leave produces comical results. We bolt out of bed, pace around the room and have no clue of where we are. He thinks this is hysterical and this morning called my room to tell me we were 35 minutes late. He and Andrew ran to ring the doorbell (yes! A doorbell) and by that time I knew what was up. Oh pranks. Maybe I’ll put a fish eye in his pack of gum…Or miss the closet next time and tag his luggage. But we’ll all suffer for that. His odors are unique as they are. Why spoil a good thing?

The big Cherry Blossom Festival TODAY! Slight delay this morning in getting out of Yakota. We had a misplaced paper, and they're rather strict about things like that! Especially in today's world. Bussed into Camp Zuma where we set up to play for the Japanese public. The base opens the gates to the community and it's always packed! Had a quick radio interview and spoke of our friendly rivalry with the Cheaters who had been there a week ago. Did we mention they're liars too!? In case you run into one, IT never happened. Yes, that IT.

I must have some Japanese in me somewhere, because I can really relate to these folks. Always so kind and thankful (what I must think of myself!), and very appreciative of the music. We had some difficulties with the sound today, but Andrew steered the good ship Fools & Horses to a rousing Coda.

CDs flew out of our hands to the kids on base and the folks from the town. One enterprising fella had our promo pictures printed out for us to sign! Some of them actually did some homework before coming to the show. Super cool.

We were supposed to eat dinner with the AFE crew again as we did in Yokosaka, but they couldn't make it. Instead, we dined in the Garden Room with a lovely spread of NY Strip, Potatoes and Green Beans, with a delicious strawberry sorbet. AND we got extra plates to go! They treat us like Kings here. We certainly appreciate it.

Early night tonight, thankfully. We're trying hard to hang out with everyone we meet, because they're always dying to take us out. But the schedule is exhausting in itself, and to really hit these sets home we're going to need some beauty sleep. Even though it's Saturday. Tokyo tomorrow!

Stay tuned...

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