Thursday, April 9, 2009


Dave took us to the Yamoto museum today, and we took in some history of the town of Kure and of WWII. Our favorite section was the kid's hands-on level, where this one crazy old man ran around showing mostly German tourists how different scientific concepts worked. Kent and I shot off to the moon for a quick picture and were back to Earth before the next leg of the tour.

We were met by Jimmy & Jordan from Iwakuna and took another hour & a half drive to the Marine base. It seems like everything is an hour and a half drive away here. How do they plan these things!? Stopped by a Sushi house outside of base for a quick bite. They'd prepare different stuff and set it on a conveyor belt for you to take, ala buffet. Each plate was a Yen o' five, with some that cost a bit more. Tim & I tried eel for the first time. Not too bad! But don't expect us to eat it regularly.

Checked into lodging and met Armed Forces Radio for a quick interview. Promoted the show, and talked about what Selfish was about (sadly, it's a completely fabricated, but otherwise meaningful song you can connect to...can you?). Had Taco bell again at the Crossroads and prepared for load in to Club Iwakuni.

LSP was there with our equipment and sound again, this time with a larger spread. Played to some cool Marines and the ladies from the Sushi house. This was our longest show yet, but rocked it for 'em something fierce the whole way through. A Marine approached me during the break and said, "Do you know you're huge in Australia?" I stopped.


"Yeah man, that song Sex on Fire is blowing up over there!"

Quite flattering.
A young lady in the crowd wanted to know what song # 3 was. I rushed back to the set list and saw we had played Eleanor Rigby third. I told her this, and she said that she may have been the only one who didn't know it was a Beatles song. I told her we forgived her. This tells me bands need to come over here more often! These awesome folks are starving for a bit of Americana. Tim, Kent and I left base with Christine and Kim (the Sushi gals) to take in a bit of the local flavor. Kim is the wife of a Marine on base, and Christine was visiting from Jacksonville, Florida. Took a cab out to Niagara, and had some Jack & Cokes with a Karaoke app. Patsy Cline makes for a great gender bender, and Beatles Medley 2 made for a rousing 2nd go-round. Bar hopped looking for some grape Chu Hi for Kim, only to return to Niagara. They were the only ones in stock. Our evening ended right at 2, cause that's what you do when you're in the Service. A bar policy that essentially says, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." Go Orioles on kicking some Yankee ass. Is 2009 the year? Man I hope so. Are we big in Japan yet!? I don't know, but we're huge in Australia.


  1. bahaha... congrats on the Australian success. Imagine if that guy thought you were really the Beatles!