Wednesday, April 1, 2009


hey!!!! what's up everybody! Steve here saying hello.
sooo... Fools and Horses has officially branded Japanese air with our music. Played our first show tonight for our troops. kind of small turnout but we still put on a good show. Became amateur sound guys and Andrew got a crash course in running a mixer. He did sexily. oh and that reminds me, went to a bar called "sexy" last night. which wasn't very sexy at all. but they had Karaoke, so that's cool. WHOO JAPAN!! I think that's what explains the video I decided to make at 3 am. get your mind out of the gutters. will post soon. well, that's it for me for now, Japan rocks, tour's goin well so far and I'm really excited for the rest of it. I know it's gonna go by quick and that makes me sad, but I'll be happy to be back home. aight, ttyl!

Andrew here. I wish I wasn't.

Kent is this and this is Kent: We played for Camp Fuji tonight. I love the Marine Corps and I almost enlisted just after high school. I went to Annapolis, got all the paper work, filled it out and signed it...but instead of taking it back to the recruiting office I joined Fools & Horses - no joke! The best thrill I get out of this experience is telling our troops how much we appreciate their service and how much our country loves them. And the look in their eyes is 100% priceless! Thank a soldier! On a lighter side...they're very hot and instantly gratifying...lighters, that is, but I'm sure the soldiers are, too. As I was saying, I enjoy lighters when I want a candle lit or one of my cigars lit. Speaking of cigars, I hope to run into some Cubans. But ironically I'm running into a lot of Japanese. I'm going to learn Japanese and own a pad here. I think I'm turning Japanese...and Jello pudding tastes great and gives me strength. I love you - know that, understand it, respect it...Peas.

Andrew still here. I've changed my position. Japan is amazing! Mt
Fuji is staggeringly beautiful, and I finally understand why it's the subject of so much Japanese art (Tim and Steve took the rooms with views of it... bastards). The Japanese people are extremely polite and ingratiating. They make me feel like a crass American. And the Marines have been equally ingratiating, and damn good drinking buddies. I had assumed we'd be treated like employees, but we're guests. Everything on base is so cheap ($4.25 for a steak and king crab leg lunch), but everything off... well we collectively dropped over 400 dollars (or worse, 40,000 yen) at Snack Bar Sexy.

Tim: Hey, what's up? I am here, taking in the sweet view of Fuji, sippin' on my sweet cocktail. Hell yeah! Much respect must go out to the kick-ass Marines here in Camp Fuji, for they Rock & Roll and some sing a mean karaoke! Hope to run into the Cheaters sometime on this tour so we can settle an old score...whelp...Last night in Fuji and off to another. Love you all and to all a big Semper Fi!


  1. I am *so* proud of you guys! I very much enjoy the stories and the photos. Please-- keep it up! Glad you are having such fun!
    "Break a Leg," as they say!

  2. Loving the blogs so far-- you guys are weirdos. :) I hope you celebrated April FOOL's day!