Friday, April 10, 2009


The five-hour bus ride from Iwakuni to Sasebo started the morning. We each took up entire rows with what couldn't be held by the seats suspended above the aisle floor. A couple of rest stops later, we were in Sasebo! The trip should have taken 5 hours +, but our most nimble driver did it in 4:30. Met our POC Ken and did the whole dance of getting passes and lodging squared away.

Tonight's show was a Teen Dance on the other side of the base. In a small room in the Teen Center, F&H sweated up a storm for these youngerns. Andrew couldn't stand the heat and intensity, choosing instead to squander the band's money in the gambling room next door. We're almost out of CDs, but decided to go for broke with them for this crowd. These folks hail from all over the country, so we've planted some little seeds that we hope will yield many Fools & Horses trees in the near future. What do Fools & Horses trees produce? What fruit tastes most like Fools & Horses? Check your Clay Aiken jokes at the door. And to that magazine that compared us to a
slightly harder edged Neil Diamond (a big emphasis on the slightly) - we've planted a couple for you on your front lawn. BOO YA

(I'm waiting on pictures from the other guys on this post...seems I've misplaced mine!)


  1. Hope you guys had a Happy Wester

  2. Happy Easter!!! MD misses you! I'm so glad you guys are getting a chance to play for the troops, and are having the time of your lives :)