Friday, April 3, 2009


MATT - We took a nice ride out of Camp Fuji today and rode to the city of Yokosaka. Today was intensely jam-packed, and we didn't stop until 4am or so. The show at the Spectrum was fantastic and there's talk of us coming back to the area in August! The sailors we spoke to were really cool and had a range of jobs, of which most were not aloud to talk about. It seems as though the coolest jobs are also the most secret.

Enter Ronnie (who I by the end of the night called Donnie)

This guy was especially bad-ass, and works on the flight deck of the USS George Washington. He made a great guide and led us to the Rock Bar FUCK YEAH. The Cheaters were there just last week, and recommended it to us. We tried just about everything, from Absinthe to Cobra Sake. Taka-sahn was a most excellent bartender and kept our whistles wet the entire time. Ronnie led us to a fantastic curry place where we scarfed down some spicy eats. We finished the night at a bar called BOOT CAMP and ran that place dry. We also exhausted their catalog of Beatles karaoke hits. Those special glasses of Tim's are used when one is sleepy and wants to look energetic. I think. Check the explanation below at the end of the 2nd video!

Our new best friend Ronnie had to stop with the hard stuff at midnight, but was awesome enough to hang with us longer! We walked back to billeting (that's the cool word for our digs) and watched some Youtube vids of the USS George. This is the part of the night where exhaustion took over and I exited the scene shortly after. So to Ronnie, who by now I was calling Donnie - THANK YOU! Hope we cross paths again soon man. You have a budding karaoke career to look forward to! And sorry for calling you Donnie.

KENTAGON - The reality of North Korea hit me last night. Not a lot of Navy soldiers came to the show last night because they were doing last minute training before they got deployed this morning to wade in the waters near North Korea. That’s some sobering shit. Our new Navy friend Ronnie showed us around town last night – which crept well into the morning hours! Went to FUCK YEAH! On our way to another bar we ran into some “Massage-ies”. They offer “happy endings” to a massage, but don’t worry mom, we didn’t partake. We ate some food then went to BOOT CAMP (why do they capitalize the name of their bars here?) We sang the shit out of some Karaoke – they love that stuff here! We stumbled back to our pad (which was called BOH BILLETING by the way for all you B’more folk) I tapped out first only to be woken at 5AM or so by Matt…and some sort of curious raining sound. Anyways, show #2 went smooth and we had a blast hanging out around Setown with Ronnie! Thanks buddy! We’re cruising in a kick ass tour bus right now traveling about two hours to the next show. This is Kent saying goodnight, “goodnight”.

P.S. ~ They have canned, hot and cold coffee available via vending machines – I love Japan!

STEVE - Yokosuka. Rock Bar Fuck Yeah! Cobra Sake. Karaoke… always Karaoke!!!!!

TIM - Whelp never again will I drink a Nakita Express. Should be called The F-in’ Awful! I can’t agree more with Steve’s entry. Beatles medley 1 thru 5 is a must. Anyways, keep rockin’, readin’ and I cant think of another R word that’s fitting. Too bad. Semper Fi!

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  1. Was the bar named after the best song in one of the best movies ever, "Team America World Police" ? :o) MISS YOU GUYS!! :oD