Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ah…a sleep-in day. We pulled the blinds and the drapes and slumbered straight into the 10 o’clock hour. Blasphemy in the Rock & Roll world we know, but considering what we’ve had to do these last twelve days, that’s all that we’re going to get.

Left Sasebo Naval Base at around
3pm to hit up the Ginza, the local strip of shops much like we found in Hiroshima, but smaller. Found grape Chu Hi and strolled the streets picking up souvenirs. More Engrish shirts for Matt (think the total is up to 10, and at least 8 of them won’t even fit a small child of four) Ate American today. Steve finding a Pizza shop, and Matt hitting up the McDonalds. It’s just one of the things you do in a foreign country. You hit up the Hard Rock Café, you eat at a local Mickey D’s, and you go to their zoo. Have we missed anything?

A silly old man sat next to us as we people watched. He made little sense, but we could determine that he was pretty pickled on Sake and he liked Americans very much. We think he was a bit put off when we wouldn’t stay with him and finish our drinks with him. Like many bad dates end, we just ran out of things to talk about. Or try found wanting of anything to talk about. It made for some humorous video as Matt attempted to communicate with this Easter pickled Egg.

Tonight’s show was a slightly older and diverse crowd. Some got the Only Fools & Horses reference, and some still hung on to the hope that we were a Country band. (We’ve been getting that a lot. What are we in Australia?) We’re getting quite used to the light-speed pace of the tour, and just can’t seem to find any time to stay out and party with these fine folks. We’re very dependent on our rides from the gig to food and hotel, so much like High School Friday nights at the Ice Rink, when Mom pulls up our asses better be in the car.

Japan! You’ve been ever so sweet, and simply marvelous. We’re coming back to you soon, so don’t worry. Just make the flight shorter please.

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